“Wow, I actually liked the logos on your website, but the one that i got really sucks. Regret every cent”

Joshua Pickering Photographer

“Thanks – the wording isn’t the same as I sent with my order and pick axes have nothing to do with photography. It’s a horrible logo, just like your website says!”


“This is trash, thanks!”

Bike Tag

“I gotta say, my expectations for this logo were really high and you disappointed on all accounts. Not only was the logo delivered to me without notice but it was in a format that was basically unusable. JPEG? What is this? 1995? Spent the entire year’s budget on this and now we’re stuck with giving your horrible work credit on our website for the next decade. Thanks a lot!”

Lukáš Řezník

“Thank you! Its absolutely awful! And funny! 😀 I need it on my t-shirt.”

Itty Bitty Shitty Christmas Kitty Committee

“It’s more horrible than I could have imagined. Thank you!!! “

Handcarved Robot

“This logo is bad and you should feel bad. But I’m sure you don’t. Crappy design is likely your only form of sustenance, feeding off shattered hopes and dreams of suckers who pay for this garbage.”

Mobile Identity

“it’s horribly perfect! Or perfectly horrible! “

Hot Dog Vomit

“Dude! I hate it so much! I really do! Thank you!!”


“I knew it was going to suck, but not this much. Terrible job. Enjoy your beer.”

Tawny Photo

“I love it! The soulless vacant stare in the owls eyes perfectly encapsulates my cold dead heart. Thank you!!”

JFM Property Lawyers

“My wife threatened to divorce me when she found out I spent $5 on your horribleness. It was worth every cent.”


“This is so terrible I feel like renaming my project and having you redo it again.”

Rump Shaker Records

“It is brilliant in it’s horrible-ness. You are a true visionary!”


“Hey thanks for the horrible logo.  I sent link to our website – it’s not about saluting, it’s a salami blog and shop.”


“You, Sir, are a genius.”

Willow Tree

“This awfulness is going on a t-shirt TONIGHT! “

Weird Brew

“Wow, this is some bullshit.”


“I had very low expectations and you delivered. This logo is more horrible than the thought of Jamie Lancaster using his stumpy wrist to feed me worms.”


“excellent—thanks! that’s exactly what i was gonna do, and i didn’t have to waste five minutes! :D”

Underground House

“Love it, it’s horrid, thanks”

Global Dev

“Perfectly horrendous!”

Atomic Cheesecake Studios

“It’s horrible, but not nearly horrible enough. I was hoping that it would make me feel so awful that I’d want to take a rape shower after seeing it, like I did after watching The Human Centipede. I still think your work generally sucks though, is that helpful?”

I Love Hamburgers

“Do we get a refund if we like the logo? I’m thinking a tattoo is in order.”

I Hate Clowns

“Wow, I hate this logo more than I hate clowns :)”


“Oh yeah, it’s rubbish. I hate it. Thanks.”

The Wolf Pack

“Can’t wait to get this stitched on my leather jacket! Thanks for the Logo!!!”


“Definitely worth the price of a beer. Maybe two. ;-)”


“i can dig it”

Cake Hero

“Haha yay, thank you…I lo(hate)ve it. Enjoy that beer!”


“Yep, that’s truly horrible!  Thank you so much, it has not only fulfilled, but exceeded beyond comprehension, my expectations, and for that I salute you. :)”

The Smths Shop

“this logo is exactly what we didn’t want, you are a genius!!”

Julie Cheung

“Bloody Awful!! >_<“

Barrow Burrow

“Wonderfully horrible!”

“my artistic skills are so lacking i actually kind of like it. And now I know that shimweasels wear backpacks… well worth five bucks.”

The Hayloft

“hmm… it’s not quite as horrible as I was hoping. It’s actually kind of good. I suppose if I’m disappointed, that means you did you job. It’s great. Thanks!”


“Now in use. My money doesn’t go to waste.”

Cunning Runt Productions

“Bites the big one! Thanks.”


“fug yeh.”

Allen S. Oxman

“Hey Thanks. My name is A-L-L-A-N”

Astoria Reds

“I am truly disappointed. Thanks!”

On the 50

“I was thinking the other how can I make a rushed, minimalist bad logo for my new website. Answer, thanks.”

Reactive Computing, Inc.

“That logo is so horrible. My whole company is disgusted that I wasted $5 on this piece of crap. My only solace is I wasted your time too.”

Structured Chaos Photography

“This is the second most horrible logo I’ve ever seen, but it’ll have to do!”

BunnyBubbles Designs

“It looks like a demented 7-year-old drew it.  I love it.  Thanks!  ^_^”

Tracey Gurley Bath and Body

“It’s classy. :~)”


“EPIC! Thanks for that SUPER LAME LOGO! LOVE IT!”

Hello Sunshine

“Wow, you have really exceeded my expectations! This logo sucks even more than I expected it to. I will recommend your work to all my friends and will certainly return for more crappy logos in the future.”

Posh Wash Soap

“Enjoy that beer! :~)”

Firestick Engineering

“wow. I try, but I can’t seem to take my eyes off of it. Kinda like watching a cat hacking up a furball – you want to turn away, but…Anyway, uh… you brought tears to our eyes.”

Godzilla BMX

“Enjoy the beer.  What a crap logo. Does the street have explosive diarrhea?”

Bright Lake Interactive

“This is like the best logo ever! Thanks Man!”

Slack and Gega

“totally sucks. love it.”

ZoFa Shift Scheduling

“As horrible as promised. Thanks a lot !”

The 10 seconds Pitch

“there are horrible logos, crappy ones, and then there’s ours. but me drawing it would have looked even worse, so thanks…….on second thought, let me rephrase that…..our logo is ok! (just saw what you did for “Shittin’ Mitten”)”

Coding Robots

“Wow, where did you get my photo? This is absolutely horrible, thanks so much! PS I hope you enjoy the beer (try Hobgoblin from Wychwood Brewery).”

The Haggis and the Herring Cooking Show

“I hope that beer was good. Imported? Thanks for the quick turnaround. It sucks, just as promised! Thanks for living up to expectations.”


“Thanks man, couldn’t have done a worse job. I hate it soooo much!!! “


” I love (hate) the llama.  Thanks for being so horrible. ;)”


“yes! that’s HORRIBLE! THANKSS! :)”

Book Fool

“A truly horrible logo. Thanks!”

Lucky Hat Entertainment

“I hope your beer tasted as bad as our new logo looks!”

Running 2 Harvard

“The logo it’s so horrible that I love it! Thanks a lot.”


“That’s actually kind of rad.  I mean that sincerely, in the same way a 13 year old boy with a composition book full of zombie sketches would say it.  Thanks!!1!”

Lap Land Pet Sitting


Think Machine

“This is the greatest logo ever. I am more appreciative than you can imagine. Thank you, Horrible Logo Man!”


“That’s fuckin’ horrible! Thanks!”


“Awesome job! Truly, truly terrible logo. I couldn’t have hoped for worse. Thanks very much!”


“OH MY GOD, that’s friggen horrible. Thank you.”

Alameda Trio

“Okay, cool, and worth at least $5. Thanks! I know I don’t get to revise it, but, um, err… it is Almeda Trio not Alameda Trio. Dang. Still, thanks, and enjoy the beer!”

Devil’s Hole

“great dude – just want we wanted… but shitty.  even provided as a .gif ! Ha Ha!”

Barely Legal Skateboards