Please see below some frequently asked questions about Horrible Logos:

Is this a joke?

No, this is not a joke. If you send me $5, I will make you a crappy logo and post it on this site with the link of your choice.

Why are you doing this?

I need beer money. It’s as simple as that.

Can I suggest a design for my Horrible Logo?

No. What I come up with at the time will be your new Horrible Logo. It will be a surprise, and it will suck.

Can I buy a Horrible Logo for a friend?

Yes. You can buy one for anyone you want to.

Can I do whatever I want to with this logo?

Yes. You are free to do whatever you want to with this logo.

I sent you 5 Bucks, where’s my logo

Please allow 3-4 days for your logo to appear on the site. In most cases it will get done within a day or two, but please be patient; bad design takes time.

Will you email me when my Horrible Logo makes it’s premier on the website?

No. Please check back.

I noticed you misspelled a word on my logo, will you fix it for me?

No, I spelled it wrong on purpose.

My logo doesn’t suck as bad as I though it would. Will you redo it for me?

No. What you get is the final logo. I will not redo any logos.

My logo was rejected, what the hell?

It probably contains porn or was considered inappropriate for even a Horrible Logo.

What exactly do I get for the $10 High Resolution version?

When the logo is complete, I will email you a 300dpi (8″ X 4″) version of it.

I just ordered a $5 logo and now I want the high res version.

Just click the $5 Buy Now button and in the┬áLogo Name field put “High Resolution version of (name of logo)”.

Hey, I ordered a logo before you offered the high resolution option, am I screwed?

No. Please re-read the previous question.