You need a Horrible Logo, I Need Beer Money.

Are you looking for a hand drawn logo with the worst possible style and quality at a really affordable price? You’ve come to the right place. I’ll design you a crappy logo for a mere $5. That’s right, 5 BUCKS! to buy myself a beer at the local watering hole.

Not only does this small fee get you a poor logo with no potential, but this logo will also get featured on the World Famous Horrible Logos website with a link to any website you choose, as well as the Horrible Logos social media pages. You can look at it as a $5 logo, a $5 custom advertisement with a link for you or your company, or just simply helping a brotha out.

It’s as easy as this!

Click the SELECT button below and pay the $5! (or $10 if you want it in high resolution). Once the payment goes through, I’ll get off my ass and design you the worst possible logo I can come up with at the time. I will then proceed to the bar to drink away all profits, although I promise to do your logo before I spend your 5 bucks.


Horrible Logo

One (1) Horrible Logo



Horrible Logo Plus

One (1) Horrible Logo in high resolution emailed to you



Horrible Combo

One (1) Horrible Logo in high resolution & One (1) Horrible Jingle MP3 emailed to you


Upon completion of the logo you will not receive any files (unless you ordered the High Resolution copy). If you like the logo, I’m sorry. I will not redo the logo to make it look worse. I don’t accept any revision requests. The first design is also the final design. If you want the logo to use elsewhere, right click the one that I post on the website and save it to your desktop or order a high resolution copy. Find out how here.

I hope you hate your new horrible logo as much as I hated making it!

No porn or any material considered inappropriate or offensive.

No Refunds.